The Process

NSM Workflow Process


Welcome to NSMotif! Give us a call or come in for a visit. In the showroom, you will have the opportunity to look at various material selections with a sales representative and we’ll discuss your project needs and design options. We’ll gather your contact information, colors/materials of interest, cabinet layout (or planned layout) and timeframe. This is also the perfect time to take a tour of our slab and remnant yard to see and feel materials in person.


After working with our trained professionals to choose the surface that’s right for you we’ll develop an estimate for your project. Upon review of the proposal, you’ll sign a contract which guarantees the template, secures the material and ensures timely production toward installation.


Upon the project being funded, a template date will be scheduled, as needed, for your project. The template is usually scheduled within a few days, depending on volume and availability.


Our skilled template technicians use various methods for templating. Whether with precise wood templates or advanced digital laser templates, our team is equipped to handle projects of all sizes!


Once the template is completed, it is revised and digitized in preparation for perfect cuts on our BACA System RoboSawJet. If there are changes to your project, following the template and whether less or more material will be required, your price will be adjusted to reflect these changes. The project is then finalized and confirmed with any changes prior to being sent to cut.


The material has been ordered but before the project is finalized you have the ability to do a custom layout and review materials. All changes are then confirmed and your surface is sent to cut.


After the revision period the job is sent into production. Each piece of material goes through a quality check before being placed on a bed for cut. An operator then verifies the layout of the job on the saw bed before initiating the cut. At this time, you’ll also be contacted to set up an installation date.


Your chosen material is meticulously cut using powerful saw blades and water jets that ensure incredible precision and accuracy. Once the cuts are complete, pieces travel through various areas in the shop for edging, polishing and refinements prior to a final quality control check.


On your big day, our installation team will arrive at your location within the timeframe you specified with our scheduling agent. With your space prepared for install, our team of professional installers with safely and securely put your countertops in place and review important information with you regarding how to care for your new surfaces and how to contact us if you should have any future questions.


With your new countertops installed, your project has come to life! The striking beauty of these new countertops will surely make a statement for a lifetime! Now, we encourage you to tell others about your experience by leaving us a review on Yelp, Google or Facebook. We love to hear about our customers’ experiences and see photos of your completed space. We also hope to serve you again in the future!