The Many Colors of Granite

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What color options are available with granite?

Granite is a well known material in the kitchen and bath industry due to its remarkable durability. Often the durability of granite overshadows another amazing characteristic of this natural stone, its versatility in color! Granite comes in a variety of colors and patterns offering endless combinations. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or luxurious look, you can find the style that fits your vision when choosing granite countertops.

As a granite fabricator in Sanford, NSMotif carries a large inventory of unique and beatuiful granite for Central Florida residents. We have been perfecting granite countertops for residential and commercial projects in Sanford since 2008 and would love to help you find the right granite color you have been searching for!

As the kitchen and bath industry has grown, quarries have become more easily accessible. This access gives customers more color options to choose from!

Each slab of granite is one of a kind, so when you choose your specific slab to work with you will be getting a one of a kind piece in your space! Granite colors can vary from neutral greys and blacks to vibrant blues and greens. Granite slabs can have very distinct and intricate designs while there are some that are much more subtle. Some have a stronger wave in the pattern while others are more speckled.

Top granite colors for Orlando Florida residents

Colonial White Granite

White & Grey : White countertops can easily pair with most other colors that are already in a room. Depending on the style of the room in which the countertops will be in, white countertops will give your design a more modern look. White countertops will also give the kitchen or bathroom they are in a more spacious appearance.

  • Brown & Beige : If you are wanting a neutral color but looking to add in a little more than what white offers opting for brown and beige tones is a great option! These neutrals will also easily complement other colors. Brown and beige provide warmth and are quite popular amongst homeowners.

Fantasy Brown Granite

Black Galaxy Granite

  • Black : Give any space a modern and sleek look with black granite countertops. Black granite countertops do not necessarily only come in solid black, this color comes in a few different looks. Black granite can have nearly no speckles, or come with some pink or green tint to it.
  • Blue & Green : If you are not interested in neutral colors for your design, some more vibrant colors popular amongst homeowners are blue and green! Striking greens and deep blues can add a unique and exotic appearance to any room.

Blue Pearl Granite

When searching for the right countertop color you should always take into consideration the space that the countertop will be installed in. Will the colors in the granite match the other colors already in the room such as the cabinets and flooring?

Whether you desire a more neutral natural stone or something vibrant you can find a great selection of  Orlando granite countertops at NSMotif.  Our experienced team of granite fabricators in Sanford can educate you on our granite selection, countertop care and the installation process. Contact us today!

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