The Dark Side Of Granite

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Dark Granite Countertops That Will Leave You Completely Flabbergasted

Dark granite countertops will sweep you right off your feet! Exploring the many different options can leave you completely speechless because they are quite extraordinary! In 2019, the most popular kitchen redesign are ones that are either all white, all black or a combination of both. We have seen so many trends where the interior design will be completely white with black granite countertops or the other way around. This is a new level of contemporary design that has gotten a great deal of architects, builders, homeowners, and interior designers talking! Most homes have a more traditional kitchen design style. Most of them are catching up the modern renovations that will improve the appeal and the value of the property. This is why NSMotif has put together a short article covering the many different dark granite options that will look quite pleasant in your home.

dark granite countertops

Star Galaxy Granite

The star galaxy granite countertop is a deep black with white or small gold flecks. This granite stone is a great material used to make high-quality kitchen countertops, mosaic, monuments, pools, fountains, and more. The name Star Galaxy comes from the resemblance it has to the Universe. This dark granite countertop is also known as Nero Galaxie throughout the construction industry. It is quite the popular choice for all-black kitchen designs. It is appealing, impressionable, long lasting, and heat resistant.

Star galaxy granite

Uba Tuba Granite

Uba Tuba granite is one of the leading kitchen countertop materials in the game. It is quarried in large amounts and it is shipped all around the world. It is one of the more affordable granite options out on the market today. It has a versatile color palette & comparatively low cost, making it that much more desirable. This material can be used to create countertops for the kitchen or bathroom, tiles, back splashes, and more. Uba Tuba Granite is quarried in the beautiful South American country of Brazil. It is formed from igneous rock that is mainly composed of mica and quartz.

Uba Tuba Granite

Black Galaxy Granite

The Black Galaxy Granite countertop is made from the stars! It was discovered in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Its striking visual beauty and durability have made it one of the relatively popular materials out there. People looking for dark granite love Black Galaxy because it reminds them of the stars! The deep black is highlighted with gold flecks that occur naturally in the stone. This material make a strong statement in any absolutely any room! The starstrudden material is sold at NSMotif but provided by the popular Consentino brand.

black galaxy granite

Abyss Black Granite

Abyss black granite is known for its very dreamy look. This natural stone countertop gets it name for being dark like the abyss. It makes a fabulous kitchen countertop if you are looking for black granite. You can see the glamorous flecks of dark blue that make this beautiful stand out. The uniqueness of this black granite stone is truly a sight to see. This particular style looks incredible when it is matched in either an all black kitchen or and all white design. You simply cannot go wrong with this beautiful selection.

Abyss granite

Graphite Grey

The black granite collection at NSMotif offers colors that are exclusive and very unique. The different assortments include the famous Graphite Grey which has gotten much recognition across the globe for its beauty. This countertop will give a new look to all of your ambiances.  Aside from the natural appeal and attraction, you will also get the technical qualities. This includes the stones ability to withstand against scratches, stains, and high temperatures which comes in very handy.


NSMotif has an extremely large selection of dazzling countertop options that you can certainly benefit from. No matter the home remodel and design of your home, with us you will be able to find the perfect option that fits your unique style. Make sure to visit our blog for more related content. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to contact us today. (407) 774-0676

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