Staron allows nearly any design idea to flourish. Available in more than 100 colors and patterns, Staron can be easily fabricated to create nearly any shape or inset and can be thermoformed into flowing curves.

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Samsung Staron

Our beautiful Samsung Staron Countertops at NS Motif have been rated at the top for high quality and durability. This is the next generation choice for solid surface countertops. Samsung Staron Countertops offer such a beautiful and broad range of options to choose from. We can take your from an exquisite vein-patterned option that lightly resembles our top-rated marble countertops to our very simple yet very classy solid color all surface options.

High-Class Samsung Staron Countertops For Your Residential And Commercial Properties

Not only do we offer countertops from the solid and supreme collections but we also have the very popular sanded colors with a very dense and beautiful patterns that resemble grains. This offers an lovely and sophisticated yet subtle look. Our Aspen Countertop Collection offers a rich and beautiful blend of sizes and tone on tone chips which in fact resemble the all natural stone popularly known as Granite. You simply cannot go wrong with Aspen. If you are looking for a countertop that more closely reflects that of a natural stone with visual depth patterns then you may want to consider the Pebble options.

Elegant Samsung Staron Countertop Patterns For A Unique And Beautiful Accentuated Finish

Different styles and tastes in design both on the interior and exterior level say a lot about a homeowner. Whether you prefer to go with a more transparent countertop look that displays a graceful pattern, then you may want to pick from the Tempest Collection. You can also choose from the premium mosaic patterned countertops in our Quarry Collection. No matter what you decide to go with, you will be picking from top quality countertops. For more information and additional color selection click here.