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LivingStone™ 100% acrylic countertops are non-porous, so germs and odors cannot penetrate. LivingStone is easy to clean and maintain-just wipe it down with equal parts water and bleach. LivingStone Is also stain and impact resistant, stains simply cannot penetrate and LivingStone never requires sealing like granite.

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LivingStone Countertops

LivingStone Countertops are known for being non-porus which makes it extremely difficult for odors and germs to successfully penetrate if at all. Livingstone Countertops are very easy to maintain and to clean. When you are in the process of cleaning this particular countertop kind, all you have to do is wipe it with bleach and water. LivingStone offers a variety of different colors that are big enough to tie to any project but at the same time small enough and able to still provide outstanding quality and value. NS Motif provides the top LivingStone Countertop options according to what is most commonly sough out and purchased. We provide our customer with one-hundred percent acrylic LivingStone Colors.

Advantages Of LivingStone Countertops

Not only are LivingStone Countertops incredibly beautiful but they are both impact and stain resistant. These are some great qualities that homeowners often look for when they are in the shopping process of choosing from the right countertop collection. Unlike granite countertops, LivingStone Countertops do not require sealing which is one more added advantage to this timeless countertop option for your home. For more information and additional color selection click here