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Quartz Counters

Looking for quartz counters in Orlando or Sanford, Florida? Look no further! In the last few years, quartz has eclipsed granite as the leading choice in surfacing material due to its increased durability, low maintenance and a wide array of consistent color options. This material is comprised of more than a 90% blend of natural quartz, with less than 10% of polyester resin in each slab.

Quartz offers several attractive benefits. It is non-porous, so the material will not harbor bacteria and is stain resistant. It is a very dense material, which makes it impact and scratch resistant. Quartz materials are offered in a variety of colors and patterns, some of which look like natural granite, marble, limestone or concrete. Most manufacturers carry a minimum ten-year warranty for their quartz products.

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High-Class Quartz Countertops In Orlando, Florida

Not too many people know that quartz is a form of engineered stone that is made from ground up crystal minerals that are bound together by space-age plastic resins. Roughly ten percent of the makeup of a quartz countertop is actually not stone but instead, it is a polymeric/cement based binder. The rest of that ninety percent is waste that was crushed up from leftover marble, granite, natural stone, or other recycled industrial waste like mirrors, glass, silica, ceramic, etc. All of this material mixed together and bound as one is what will give the quartz countertop the sensory qualities of stone. In fact, we are unsure as to why quartz is not identified as compound stone as much as it should be due to it being engineered stone. These are just words that help understand just how the quartz is created.

Different Brands

Taking you back to 1963, the year in which the technology for creating engineered stone was first built by the experts at Breton Company in Italy. Brestonstone in 2018 just 50 years later is still going. This particular process of engineering stone includes the blending of pulverized stone aggregate, with a mixture of polymers, the removal of air, the heating & shaping of the material into quartz slabs. Theses quartz slabs will have the appearance and hardness similar to that of natural stone. The top quartz manufacturers are licensed with Brestonstone technology like Caesarstone, Cambria, And Silestone. That is just a short story on where quartz originally came from and the names of the top brands. Make sure to check out our quartz pictures.

How Is Quartz Stone Formed

Organic quartz crystals and stones are dug out and ground down into particles that are dust-like which are combined with resins that bind, all under intense heat and pressure. The process of mining takes place to form the entire slab. Soon after, pigments are included to create specific colors in the quartz countertop. Quartz counters are one of the top-selling countertop options for kitchens and bathrooms around the world because of their aesthetically pleasing nature and qualities. Make sure you choose NS Motif if you want to get the best kitchen design and remodel.

Shopping For Quartz Counters

Are you a homeowner in search for quartz countertops of the highest quality from the top global brands? Search no further because NS Motif has the best quartz collection that has been named the top consumer’s choice for over a decade. NS Motif will only sell quartz countertops from the best brands from around the world because we are known for having top quality products only. We offer free quotes. We want to make sure that every person that makes a purchase with us is more than happy with the quality and service that we provided them with. Any purchase or investment that you make should bring you happiness, complete and total satisfaction. We recognize how important it is to go home content with how you chose to spend your money and that is why we are the #1 quartz countertop supplier in Orlando and Sanford, FL. Contact by giving us a call us at (407) 774-0676 to speak with an expert.