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Onyx Countertops

Often found in caves and formed by
cold dripping water, Onyx is a translucent
stone with a glossy finish, available in
pastel shades of yellow, green,
orange, white and brown.

Onyx Stone

The pattern of onyx stone is striking
and can be backlit for an even more
unique and dramatic appearance.

onyx stone properties

Onyx Kitchen Countertops That Will Make You Stand Out

Are you thinking about investing in onyx countertops for your kitchen? Onyx is a beautiful stone that is not commonly seen in homes because it can be a bit more pricey than the other natural stone countertop options. This is because Onyx is a stone that is rare in its unconventional countertop use as well as in nature. If you choose onyx countertops for your home, then you will not be disappointed simply because your home’s value would significantly increase. Onyx stone stands out next to marble and granite because of its fairly unique aesthetic. Ony is an incredibly eye-catching countertop option that nobody will be able to overlook. The many patterns and gorgeous contrasts make it a mesmerizing stone. The translucency of onyx allows the stone to get backlit with soft-light gel that’ll make the countertop glow beautifully as they show off the contrasts and colors.

Interesting Onyx Properties

In ancient times, onyx was considered a stone of protection that transformed negative energy and absorbed lower frequencies. Onyx is known for aiding emotional development, stamina, physical strength, during times when support is needed and stress needs to be released. Onyx soothes stress from everyday life. Onyx is a stone that is used and often referred by therapists because it helps ground the person holding it. Onyx holds a lot of healing properties and it brings peace to your home. The frequencies it emanates are a huge benefit to investing in onyx countertops for your commercial or residential properties.

Onyx Maintenance

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go through with the countertop installation and simply be finished tending to the kitchen top? Unfortunately, you cannot do this if you intend on having gorgeous onyx countertops in your home. Like most things in life, care is a necessity. Onyx countertops require sealant. You will also need to invest in a specific stone cleaner that will be used to clean its surface. This will make help in preventing scratches and stains. You will need to have your onyx countertops refinished periodically if you find yourself using them on a daily basis.

Onyx Price

Onyx alone and with all of the maintenance to keep it in good looking condition does not come cheap. With onyx stone, you definitely get what you pay for. It may not be the cheapest countertop option but it most certainly is one that you will be happy with because of its top-quality and rarity. Because onyx is a rare stone, it increases the value of your home and it helps your kitchen and bathroom stand out if that is what you are looking for. To set your home apart from the rest, onyx is the way to go!

NS Motif’s Onyx Collection

NS Motif has the best onyx collection to choose from. Whether you are a contractor, a builder, or a homeowner who is interested in the benefits that come with installing onyx countertops, we have what you are looking for. Our countertop specialists are here to help you and answer all of the questions you may have in regards to our beautiful onyx stone collection. For more information on our countertop selections, please contact NSMotif today. (407) 774-0676