Have you decided to pick from our gorgeous light grey countertops? NS Motif has so much variety when it comes to our countertop collections. We like to have many different options for you to choose from because we understand that you may have different interests in patterns, colors, and design when compared to others. That is the reason for having so many different product options at our company from only the top brands from around the world. We encourage you to come out to our showroom and visit with one of out countertop specialist for a closer look at the variety that we have to offer. Some of the countertops to look for in the light grey collection are Acacia, Alaskan Stone, Alpine Mist, Ama Black, Ama Brown, Arcas, Argento, Arrow Root, Artisan Grey, Ash Concrete, Ash Grey, Aspen Alder, Aspen Concrete, Aspen Pepper,, Atlantic Salt, Avalance, Beige Granite, Beton, Bianco Drift, Bird Bath, Blue Pebble, Brava Marfil, Bridgewater, Brume, Calacatta, Carina, Cashmere, Cement, Ceniza, Chipped Ice, Chrome, Clamshell, Clareanne, Cloudbank, Cloudburst Concrete, Coastline, and so much more. Be sure to visit our showroom!

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