Are you interested in seeing our Hi Macs countertop collections? Then we encourage you to come out to our showroom to see all of the beautiful countertop options that we have to offer. Hi Mac is exceptionally versatile and has an extraordinary selection of patterns, colors, designs, shades and so much more. When you come out and visit the NS Motif showroom be sure to ask to see the following designs, Alabaster, Allspice Quartz, Almond, Almond Pearl, Alpine White, Andromeda, Annato Granite, Arcas, Arctic Granite, Arctic White, Armadillo, Bamboo Leaf, Banana, Basillica, Bellany, Birch Bark, Black, Black Granite, Breeze, Carina, Casera, Cloud, Cobblestone, Coconut, Coffee Brown, Colosseum, Concrete Gray, Cosmos, Coswal, Cream, Crystal Beige, Desert Sand, Diamond Dust, Edossa, Egg White, Ferrara, Fiery Red, Frostline, Genova, Geyser, Ghost White, Glacial, Glitz, Graphite Granite, Gray, Gray Granite, Harmony, Harvest, Haze, Honeysuckle, Horse Chestnut, Ice Queen, Ivory White, Kala Chana, Kamet, Kao, Lago, Lemongrass, Lentil, Lucca, Lunar Sand, Luster, Macchiato and so much more. Make a trip out to our showroom to see what we have in store for you!

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