NSMotif Takes Italy With SapienStone!

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At NSMotif we pride ourselves on being up-to-date on material offerings, trends and information that are useful to our clients. Our manufacturer, trade and industry relationships are all built around collaborations and gaining knowledge to better educate our customers.


Last week, our owner, Karen Roe, had the amazing opportunity to travel with several other countertop fabricators to Italy to visit the manufacturing facility for SapienStone, a brand of high-performance porcelain surfaces. During the trip she saw first-hand how the material is made in their impressive production facility.

sapienstone factory

SapienStone is crafted from ceramic clays and mineral colorings in a unique process that produces thin slabs of material which are scratch, stain, heat and UV resistant.

factory slab production e x

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While many customers tend to think that porcelain countertops are more for modern design, we are here to say that this product truly can be incorporated into any style, even the most traditional of kitchens or baths. SapienStone is offered in an array of designs, including marble-looks, cement-looks, wood-looks and more. You can also select from a polished finish or natural finish, depending on the ultimate look you are after.

sapienstone bathroom countertop closet

On the trip, Karen also visited some of Italy’s historic landmarks and explored the evolution of stone in architecture. Natural stones like marble were used extensively in the construction of many buildings in Europe and the U.S., in past centuries. These buildings still hold their intricate beauty despite the passage of time but are certainly not as pristine as they were when they were originally constructed. In fact, part of the attraction to natural stone, in the past and present day, is its inherent strength and exquisite beauty. However, it is prone to imperfections and can wear over time.

cathedral panoramic
stone cathedral vaulted ceilings
walking italy streets

Fast forward to today – with modern day advancements and technologies, there is an extensive list of countertop materials on the market that are highly resistant to the effects of time and use. While your kitchen countertop may not need to last centuries, porcelain countertops, for example, are designed to withstand all of your cooking adventures, party spills, homework projects and other life instances.

Explore SapienStone Porcelain Countertops

Dress up your space with SapienStone’s range of natural or darker hued colors to complete and complement your design!

sapienstone porcelain countertops kitchen

In conclusion, SapienStone’s high-tech porcelain combines outstanding technical qualities and refined aesthetics for a great kitchen or bath surfacing solution. If you’re searching for countertops in the Orlando area, come visit our showroom in Sanford. We’d love to walk you through all the advantages of porcelain countertops for your kitchen or bath renovation.

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