How To Incorporate Countertops and Tile Into Transitional Style

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What is a transitional design style?

From traditional to modern, farmhouse to contemporary there are so many design style options out there which can leave you unsure of where you stand. This is where the transitional style comes in. You don’t have to fully commit to the sleek modern look or stay in the past with a traditional style. Transitional design allows for the perfect mix that brings all your favorite aspects of classic and trending styles together.

Like we said, transitional style is the perfect mix of the new and old, allowing you to highlight the things you love in contemporary and traditional. The contemporary style focuses on the basics, such as minimal lines, while traditional is all about ornate details. Combining the two gives you the creative freedom to express your preferences in colors, fabrics, appliances, tile, furnishings, finishes, and decor!

A few ways to distinguish contemporary and traditional


  • Clean lines and minimalism
  • Neutral and/or bold color use
  • Honed/matte or super high-gloss finishes


  • Crown molding and other intricate detailing
  • A more formal look overall
  • Polished finishes

Transitional style countertops

Countertops in transitional kitchens can contribute sleek, clean lines to your overall design. Transitional kitchens are all about mixing materials, which includes your countertops too. With a transitional design in your home, you don’t need to stay with the traditional countertops that have an overhang or very detailed edge. Simplify your kitchen by installing countertops that have and edge flush with the cabinets below or a simple mitered edge. Choosing countertops with a transitional design helps your home stay current while giving it a timeless quality that will last.

Transitional style tile

To achieve a transitional style with your tile you can mix traditional elements such as classic marble and certain mosaics with contemporary ones like large-format tiles. The tile pattern you choose will also be a factor, such as using vertical or horizontal stacked tile for a contemporary look. The great part is transitional style is not subject to one defining factor, it can be many things! The flexibility of this style, with its option to mix classic design trends and fresh new designs, is what has helped gain popularity amongst many. Keep scrolling for some examples of our favorite transitional home designs to grab inspiration from.

Beautiful transitional spaces we love!

The perfect countertop mix of quartz and wood to help inspire your transitional kitchen design! The black and white two-tone cabinetry are warmed up with the addition of brass finishes and neutral tones. The encaustic decorative tile floor is just the right amount of detail to bring this kitchen some unique pizazz.

Mix and match a contemporary glass mosaic backsplash with traditional cabinetry to create a transitional kitchen space. The subtle blue accents and tile detail provide this space with a bright yet calming vibe.

The pairing of neautral shaker-style cabinetry, contemporary lights, dark counterops and appliances give this transitional kitchen a modern yet classic feel. The cusioned, high back bar chairs and cooktop tiled cutout are the perfect details to finish out this inviting space.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to create a beautiful transitional style when it comes to incorporating tile and countertops. Interested in learning more about the various design styles, staying up to date on current trends and more? Be sure to follow along on our blog!

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