How To Clean Quartz Countertops

how to clean quartz countertops

A Quick Guide On How To Clean Quartz Counters

Cleaning quartz countertops is a very simple task that does not require too much effort. However, if done incorrectly can result in discoloration of the surface. It is important to be meticulous when cleaning quartz countertops or counters of any kind for that matter because depending on the material, others can be more easy to damage than others.

You Need A Practical Routine To Clean Quartz Counters And To Keep Them In Tip-Top Shape

Quartz rock has a really great stain resistant quality that many homeowners look for in countertop options. One should still avoid leaving spills on the countertop too long can still be harmful. We advise that you watch out for lemon juice, vinegar, and other acidic liquids. Immediately wipe off your countertops after any spill to prevent them from staining or discoloring even if they are stain resistant. You can use mild dish soap and a damp soft cloth to wipe off your countertop surfaces. If you have dried spills or heavy-stains on your quartz counters then you should look for a surface or glass cleaner and a nonabrasive sponge designed for nonstick pans. You want to keep around a plastic putty knife to scrape off food, nail polish, gum, paint, and other messes that may harden as they continue to dry.

1. Remove Cooking Grease

After a really great dinner, often times, the countertops may take a beating. Do not worry, this is very common especially amongst avid bakers and cookers. Grab a degreasing product like Easy-Off and follow the back instructions to loosen and remove the mess or grease.

2. Remove Permanent Marker

Sometimes kid’s get wild with permanent markers on hand and will want to draw on everything. If for any reason you ended up with permanent marker stains on your countertops, then take a deep breath. You may be freaking out because we understand that quartz countertops can be costly depending on where you go. Pull out your phone and open up that Amazon app and search for Goo Gone. When you have the product, rub it onto the stain and rinse thoroughly with some warm water.

3. Deep Cleaning Quartz Counters

Expert quartz countertop specialists advise homeowners to deep clean their tops regularly. We suggest you spray nonabrasive surface cleaner generously over the countertop and allow it to sit for about ten minutes. After the 10 minute period, you can wipe away the solution with a soft sponge or cloth.

What Not To Do When Cleaning Quartz

Cleaning and maintaining your quartz countertops can be simple but it is important to acknowledge the things you should not do in order to keep them in their best shape.

  • Alkaline, Acidic, And Abrasive Cleaners

To begin with, never ever ever use abrasive cleaners to clean your natural stone countertops and you should also stay away from scouring pads. All you will ever really need is soap, water, and a soft cloth. For stains that are more difficult to get rid of, you should search for cleaners that are made specifically for your countertop material. Cleaners that are too acidic, too alkaline, or too abrasive are bad for your countertops. The chemicals in the cleaners can disintegrate the bond between the resin and quartz in your tops.

  • Heavy Heat Exposure

Hot pads and trivets are your quartz counter’s best friends. Although quartz countertops are both heat and scorch resistant, the resing found in this material is a type of plastic and so it is prone to melting with heat that is above 300 degrees F. A very sudden change in temperature or exposure to a heated pan can cause the countertop to crack. You may want to only use hot pads or trivets.

  • Dicing And Slicing Without Cutting Boards

Even though quartz countertops are hard and can withstand effects from sharp objects like knives, you should still use cutting boards to avoid ugly scratches that may still occur.

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