Central Florida’s Top Five Trending Countertop Designs of 2019

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The countertop is an essential part of your kitchen design, it sets the tone and feel of the space and offers a lot in terms of functionality. It is the center of attention and where a lot of action takes place throughout the day. But more than that, the countertop is the foundation of your decor and when doing a renovation it takes a lot of research to find the right one that fits your design preference and lifestyle.

Crema Pearl Granite

As charcoal and gray mix and layer into a crystal cream and white, it all comes together to create Crema Pearl Granite. A popular choice for granite countertops due to its strength and variety of rich pattern and neutral colors. We recommend pairing this natural stone with pale or grey paint finishes, creamy white ceramic tile, nickel hardware and glass accents. Any of these additonal design elements will help accentuate the beauty of this stone!

White Macaubas Quartzite

White Macaubas Quartzite features a sleek white base color with deep charcoal veins running mostly horizontally throughout the stone. The beauty of this stone from a decor standpoint is that you can keep in line with its neutral color scheme or go bold with bright accent colors. Quartzite (not to be confused with engineered quartz), is a natural stone that has the appearance of marble but is closer to granite in terms of durability against scratching and etching so you get the best of both worlds with this surface. Add White Macaubas to any indoor or outdoor space to give it a touch of unique character and drama.

Eternal Calcatta Gold Quartz

An ever-popular Silestone color, Eternal Calacatta Gold Quartz is inspired by the beauty of natural stone. Patterned with blueish and grey veins as well as hints of gold throughout, this countertop surface is well-liked amongst homeowners and it is easy to see why! Designing with this countertop will add a whole new level of sophistication and luxury to any kitchen you install it in. The best part is that it’s got great benefits such as resistance to heat, staining and scratching. A quick daily wipe down after use will keep your quartz countertop looking ageless for years!

Italian Waves Quartz

White with rich grey veining, Italian Waves Hanstone Quartz displays gorgeous movement with a glossy sheen. Many dated interior surface materials harbor unwanted bacteria but this is certainly not a worry with quartz countertops. If you love a classic white kitchen, this could be a great option for you. With proper care these countertops will hold that crisp white look for the years to come.

Neve Quartz

With small and subtle grey and black veining throughout, Neve Corian Quartz countertops have strength, power and beauty! This beautiful design has just the right amount of movement for many. Pair this countertop with dark or light neutral cabinetry to create a balanced look in any space.

Through the years trends come and go. Homeowners have gone from style to style seeking out the perfect look for their homes. All of these kitchen countertop options, however, are all pretty classic and timeless looks for your home. Each of these countertop materials are also beautiful and durable. Between granite, quartzite and quartz each type of material has its pros and cons, so it is important for you to do your reaseach or talk to a professional in order to find the right surface for your lifestyle.

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